Implementation Of i-Campus buddy

We follow nine proprietary implementation process frameworks to maximize success

I-Campus Quick Start

Simple setup process. Allows you to deploy and manage on Cloud, LAN or WAN model. Connects Anytime, Anywhere

I-Campus Flow

Standardizes all workflow, communication formats, checklists, templates using campus best practices

I-Campus DataGini

Setup Master data, User Records and one-time seed data. Use our pre-configured system for all major boards

I-Campus CRM

Tracks the prospective leads from Inquiry to Enrollment. Knows exactly which media works for you.

I-Campus Connect

Keeps your campus or community more secure, informed, and involved.

I-Campus Check

Helps you assess your People, Processes and Infrastructure for ERP readiness.

I-Campus Assess

360 degree assessment and performance analysis for students. Identifies the gaps on time and works towards improving it.

I-Campus Analytics

Transforms enterprise data into actionable Information by using BI, DSS, Dashboards, Reports and Scorecards

I-Campus Transact

Tracks all financial transactions, and gets timely data to improve your numbers and minimize risks.