Benefits of i-Campus buddy

Parents and Students Stay Well Informed with Timely Academic Progress and Overall Performance

Notifications - Progress Indicators - Feedback - Requests

Better interactivity with teachers and peers

Easy tracking of homework/assignments and discipline slips

Easy access to reference material

Get connected with the school effectively and easily to view your child’s mark sheet, syllabus and attendance

Get reminders and updates on fees due, exam schedule and school events

Frequent interaction with teachers and management

Active participation in school activities

SMS and email alerts for all school events

Access to progressive educational games and quiz

Information of higher education options

Real time data of his/her child

Helps Administration & Operations Department to Streamline All Activities

Formats - Workflow - Exceptions - Sanctions

Less people, less paper, less time

Anytime, anywhere data access

Standardize procedures across all departments and locations

Standardize forms, reports, checklists and other communication templates

Regularize human resource management

Maintain logs of all activities and respective owners

Ensure smooth exchange of information, data & reports between departments

Ensure smooth exchange of information, data & reports between partners and associates

Ensure smooth exchange of information, data & reports between various sites & entities

Offer a platform for seamless communication between all major stakeholders including students, teachers, school management, school administrators

Helps Academicians and Teachers to Streamline Instruction Deliveries

Plan - Monitor - Improve - Compare

Manage & monitor student activities & performance like attendance, assignments, marks/grades

Easy & quick handling of routine activities like attendance, lesson plans, timetable, paper plans

Availability of more time for students and teaching

Common training content & methodology (digital lesson plans)

Publish articles from home or school

Manage online assignments

Smooth interaction with students and parents

Easy access to information pertaining to school

Tight Financial Planning and Budget Control for Finance Department

Budget - Cost Centre - P&L - Forecast - Compare

Automate all financial records like fees, salary and expenses

Effective student/employee ledger maintenance

Identify the fee defaulters

Calculate the fees balances

Calculate the staff salary

Update information on all P&L

Quick clearance (tie-ups with banks)

Derive profit & loss breakups (activity-wise, section-wise, cost centre-wise and entity-wise)

Tools to Provide Competitive Advantage to Management

Historic data - Reports - Dashboards - Analytics

Automation of all tasks across departments

Standardize the quality of education

Reduce repetition of activities

Paper-free communication

Reduce over-consumption and wastage

Easy circulation of notices, events, etc

Transparency in execution

Effective financial planning and budget control

Increase in productivity

Take informed, timely decisions to significantly improve performance

Transform enterprise data into actionable information

Align institutional goals with actionable plans and assessment strategies

Improve Accreditation, Quality, Accountability, Analytical capabilities of the organization

Provide a bird’s eye view of the overall performance of the group

Effortless employee administration like attendance, workload and leave management