i-Campus buddy is Ideal For

Mobile App Highlights


With i-Campus buddy it is really easy to keep parents informed – a  quick reminder or snapshot a day will do the trick!

  • Payment updates
  • Photo & video sharing

Get instant reminders on the payment status and pay securely online. Share class updates about the days learning or send timely announcements, urgent updates and more


With i-Campus buddy you can send real-time communication home, including examples of student’s behavior and work.

  • 2-way  messaging
  • Student  assignments /portfolios
  • Student Performance analytics

Instantly send messages to parents no need to send emails. Share the days work as portfolio with parents. Reinforce your students positive behavior while sharing feedback and progress analytics with parents


With i-Campus buddy you can keep parents on top of the school calendar and help them participate in events or volunteer opportunities

  • Attendance
  • Event  Calendar 

Plan class activities in advance and send parents automatic reminders to ensure participation

i-Campus buddy Modules


Teachers can mark class attendance and share the same with parents


Teachers can add class or exam timetable for parents to view online


Students can showcase their work, skills and special achievements

Meal Plan 

Parents can view a detailed daily canteen menu and also know about their child's consumption


School can get parents engaged by sharing photos & videos of wonderful classroom, school moments, field trips, picnics & more


Parents can view every minute of their child’s learning anytime, anywhere via InstaView through high definition cameras installed in every classroom


Teachers can send daily homework by attaching images, videos, files to parents


Teachers can share mark sheets of all exams with parents and track student progress with detailed analytics


School can share important updates like reminders, messages & alerts with parents 


School can create a school planner to keep parents informed about school activities & events


Parents can stay updated about payments due as well as pay the school fees securely through the app. Amount will be directly credited to school's bank account.


Parents as well as school can get notified about the exact status & location of the bus via InstaGPS

i-Campus buddy Benefits

  • Enhances Institutes Branding and Positioning
  • Saves Time, Saves Costs
  • Better Collaboration at every level
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Ease of Communication
  • Power to Parenting
  • Smart Schooling
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint

i-Campus buddy Advantage

Available for iOS & Android Users

Parents & Students can download the Mobile App from Google Play store and iOS App store.

Exciting Opportunity to Transform Your Institution through
i-Campus Mobile App

i-Campus Mobile App is an ideal solution for your institution to grow to next level. In today’s connected world, give the best digital tool to your teachers, students and parents. Enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated mobile app in your institution’s name